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"The guy on the right"

We want to help our customers survive the 4th industrial revolution by being the “evangelist” of the business needs. Delivering a solution in a complex multi-divisional and rapidly changing environment is not straightforward and needs a shared vision. That is were TPO Agency comes in.

I am Thomas and this is my story

As a product owner, you need to settle into a product fast. Gaze over all the different sources of information and start feeding yourself with all that is and can be important. It’s an intensive job that's hard to clock out from sometimes. You just feel that it's too important to just lay back. In a certain way, having FOMO with regards to your product is a good thing: Don’t miss out!

That’s why you're always looking for different ways to extract more information. Whether it is from the client, your users or your users behavior when you’re not actively engaged with them. I’m talking about all kinds of analytics: 'When do they log in?' ‘How long are they active?’ ‘What are the main actions my application supports?’ ‘Do the users think this as well?’ and so on.
You’re constantly exploring new ways to get more information about your user: Attending live sessions, feedback moments, do a segmented user survey, drive A/B testing to obtain better clickthrough rates and so on.

Best advice for any product owner? Unjudgementally absorb all information so you might find a chance to fundamentally change something for the good of all involved.

I am searching for new colleagues to share my knowledge with. Below, you’ll find the skills I use on the field. Do you think you have what it takes?

What drives me in my job:

  • Continuous learning in an ever-changing environment
  • Working with the newest technologies like AI, RPA, edge computing,…
  • Working in various business domains
  • Many opportunities to network
  • No day is the same

What motivates me everyday:

  • Working with like-minded people
  • A day is never the same
  • Creating value instead of building with your eyes closed
  • Not only helping customers but at the same time working on your own qualities

Want to get to know me beter?

If you are interested, i'd love to hear from you 😉

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