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Digitizing subsidies at Sint-Niklaas

Written by Christophe

The city of Sint-Niklaas has decided to work on digitizing its grants and subsidies to improve its services for its citizens and businesses. The old system of paper applications, processing, and verification was extremely time-consuming, making the subsidy granting process lengthy and intrusive. Digitizing the system with LB365 offers a more efficient and accurate way to process grants and subsidies.

We are creating our unique internal dictionary with a bit of help from our frainds

Written by Thomas

Discover how we made a fully automatic dictionary with smart automations and the use of artificial intelligence to get on the same page much faster.

Alix, Acerta’s proactive digital assistant

Written by Daphné

We went to work with Acerta and made up an ambitious multi-year roadmap to build Alix, the digital assistant — always ready to answer questions clients didn't even know they had.

Is your team building products or creating solutions?

Written by Sam

From experience, I can tell you that the process of building products is expensive and complex. A common mistake product teams still make is starting by thinking about the actual product rather than discovering why and for who they are building this product. In this blog, we explore the four main differences between building products and building solutions.

Part-time student, part-time crowdfunding platform developer

Written by Astrid

As a student worker, TPO Agency presented me with a challenge. They asked me if I could further work on CrowdCollect, my ‘crowdfunding product’ that I created with a favorable no-code platform: Bubble.

5 reasons why I think we should all use Notion at work (and at home)!

Written by Stijn

This blog lists several reasons why I think Notion can help you as an individual or even a business. Below, you can find five reasons why I think you should start using Notion.

Tools4Tools - Episode 1: ClickUp and our 'aha' moment in Product Management

Written by Thomas

Next up in Tools4Tools: our 'aha' moment in our Product Management journey. Find out why we started with the ClickUp Compass.

Tools4Tools - Episode 2: The migration of Raccoons

Written by Stijn

This blog will tell you why and how we migrated all our projects and documentation from other (less favorable) tools to ClickUp and Notion.

My perspective on the retrospective

Written by Kristof

A retrospective is a defined reoccurring time to look back and evaluate what went well and what went (horribly) wrong during a project. Doing this correctly can create enormous value for the team's efficiency and morale. Sadly, it has the opposite effect when done incorrectly. And, oh boy, there are a lot of pitfalls when it comes to retrospectives.

Brainhouse - Building a web browser for ALS patients

Written by Wietse

The Brainhouse project's purpose was to put together a diverse squad of interns who would work on a case with social impact. This time, we tackled a case for ALS Liga.

Quickly and efficiently boosting the visibility of Aviapartner’s job opportunities

Written by Stijn

Aviapartner was in dire need to make their job opportunities at Brussels Airport more attractive as they wanted to take on a bunch of new employees at short notice. There’s no better way to do that than by launching a brand new website.

Nelleke’s take on project management and AI

Written by Daphné

'Next-level drive and dive' is typical for project manager Nelleke Doyen. She puts her talent for 'bringing gusto' in projects to good use in her work, where she brings her passion for innovative technology, AI, and people to life. Read her story.

How Pandora ruthlessly prioritizes and how our template can help

Written by Emilie

At TPO Agency, we strongly believe in the value of Pandora’s Prioritization Process (PPP). We decided to put the process to the test and use it for one of our products. To make it easier to apply the model, we decided to put it in a matrix and a template.

Developing an AI-driven image search function for a jewelry webshop

Written by Daphné

For a jewelry webshop, we built an AI-driven image search function based on similarity embedding to simplify the classification of jewels together.

Tools 4 tools - Episode 0

Written by Thomas

In our new series 'Tools 4 tools', we look at how we can manage software stacks differently and more productively. In this episode, we look at how we can make our daily software work for us and not the other way around.

Stop repeating yourself with Klassif.ai

Written by Thomas

Brainjar created a terrific software tool to tackle these challenges, which they’ve named Klassif.ai. This platform helps you intelligently process all types of documents. Moreover, TPO Agency plays a guiding role in the development process of Klassif.ai.

Powering up your favorite SaaS Tools

Written by Thomas

Together with Wheelhouse, we built a ‘On-Top-of-SaaS-solution' that started from a SaaS product, AirTable. To tailor to Focus Advertising's needs, we built further on this already powerful SaaS tool.

Holograms: Discovering new ways of communicating

Written by Thomas

AiR is an app that let's you create realistic holograms, just by using your phone. I've had the pleasure to work alongside AiR as a PO to help them further achieve their goals.

How LinkedIn’s algorithm taught me how to redesign an improved Covid test

Written by Thomas

While browsing some LinkedIn conversation threads, a suggestion of a newly designed covid test popped up. Let's get into this redesign that aims to reduce the mental effort of comprehending if your test is positive or not.

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